Site Purpose

This site examines public services in Hull.  We campaign for the general public and consumer; they seem to have least input in to policy and are increasingly being displaced by business interests and experts.  

We watch and suggest campaigns for policy change to improve our locality from the user, public and consumer’s perspectives. We are about giving the public a voice and closely watching what decision makers do in our name.

Our Aims and Values

We campaign for the economic regeneration of the city, sensitive adaptation of Hull’s heritage and the conservation of the city’s remaining green spaces for the benefit of nature and wildlife.  We also campaign for high quality public services.

Site Layout

The main tabs show the main policy source areas: Hull City Council, the Humber LEP, the Police and Crime Commissioner and others. Here, we give an overview of who they are and what they are doing. We show the sources for the strategies they follow.

In the Sidebar you’ll see, “Campaign Areas.”  These show what policy changes are required.  We also measure the performance of those delivering public services.


Please feel free to contact us on the Contact Page if you believe that there is a campaign, in line with the aims and values of this site so that we can set up groups to make sure the public voice is heard….loudly!